Humanitarian fundraising

Humanitarian fundraising



TL8AO is primarily a single op DXpedition - not a humanitarian fundraiser.

BUT, we all realize that TL is a very poor country - so why not try some fundraising for the people of C.A.R?


My budget was 6000 US dollars. I am not seeking donations to cover my own expenses, but I try to do some fundraising for Doctors witouth borders in C.A.R who have been in C.A.R since 1997 providing humanitarian aid to the residents.


100% of donations received will be given to the DWOB. So far USD 10.000 in money and equipment have been received and will be wire transferred to DWOB in Jan 2017.



Donations can be forwarded by Paypal to



73 ES GD DX !


Ken - LA7GIA